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Prudent dental clinic is commitment to cleanliness and maintenance. We have a dedicated staff to take care of the entire general cleaning who is not entrusted with any work related to the clinic instruments and sterilization.

Prudent dental clinic in Pune registered with the PUNE MUNICIPAL CORPORATION for management of hospital waste. All the biomedical waste generated in the clinic is packed in color coded biodegradable bags with bar coded labels. These bags are then collected by a special van and taken to an incineration site where the waste is segregated and then appropriately destroyed. So we make sure no used gloves, cotton etc reaches people with malicious intentions.

Infection control in our office is very important to us. To protect our patients and ourselves, we strictly maintain sterilization and cross contamination processes. Our approach has the important benefits of decreasing patient and staff exposure to chemical hazards, and also decreasing the environmental impact of dentistry.

There are a number of potential health hazards associated with active ingredients found in dental clinics. We are very much aware of the hazards involved and have always taken appropriate protective measures, for our dentists as well as our patients such as:
  • wear new sets of gloves for every Patient.

  • wear mask, eye protection & head Caps.

  • All Instruments are cleaned with disinfectant, then packed in autoclavable packets & sterilized. They are untouched till the time of usage & are kept in UV Chamber.

  • The chair is clean with Disinfectant after every patient.

  • Each part of the chair where the doctor touches or the instrument that the doctor used are covered with disposable plastics to avoid for cross contamination & are changed for every patient.

  • Patient is covered with full Apron & for each patient a new disposable glass, new disposable Suction & a napkin is given.

  • Fumigation is done at regular interval.

  • Clinic is thoroughly & properly cleaned with disinfectant twice every day.

  • We use the best quality new disposable needles and syringes for every patient & also make sure they are not in a position to be recycled.

  • The digital x-ray & Camera are placed in plastic pouches before placing in the mouth and the cover disposed after one use.
  • To maintain clean and sterilized environment all patients are requested to remove their footwear, and leave their belongings outside in the reception before entering the operatory room.
  • We use the best qualified materials and instruments for all the procedures.


We believe that the health and hygiene of our patient comes first and hence it is our primary responsibility to protect our patients from any infection or chemical hazards. Our equipments are used only after sufficient sterilization. We intent to offer you more comfort and ease than in days past at our dental clinic in Pune by best Pune Dentist.

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