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» Prevention
» Dental Examination
» Digital X-rays
» Scaling & polishing
» Composite Filling
» Sealents
» Onlays & Inlays
» Veneers
» Root Cavity fillings
» Root Canal Treatments
» Crown & Bridges
» Implants
» Denture & prosthesis
» Cosmetic Dentistry
» Whitening
» Orothodontic treatment
» Fluoride treatment
» Extractions
» Dental Surgeries
» Pedodontics/ Kids dental treatment


The Dental Care is On a Very High Level, I Am Pleasantly Surprised By The Quality Of Work, The Clinic Is Very Clean And Modern
Csuba Jan
The Treatment Was Very Professional, Fast And I Was Very Happy With it. Her Work Is Very Good, Enviroment is Clean, She Is A Very Helpful & Diligent Dentist
Kollar Martin.
She Was Great As a Dentist, Useful Tips To Protect The enamel & avoid cavities. Makes you feel very comfortable. “Thank you Doctor Puja”.
Prema Rajan.
Awesome environment, great dentistry, graceful doctor
Chandra Rajan.
"Head Of National Sales Foseco India"
I have Visited First time for My Dental Checkup, I Feel Satisfactory Checkup From
Dr.Puja Bansal.
Uttan Kumar Pal.
"WalChand Infotech Pune"
Clinic And Facility Are Good. Dr. puja's Advice Was Always Helped and Within A months Time I really Start Feeling Well About My Teeth Conditions. I Did Root canal And Crowning And was Up to The Mark. Very nice Crowning & Nice Experience With Friendly Doctor.
Shirish Chavan.
"Fiserv Pune"
Found The Clinic At Par For Whatever They Promise. Dr.Puja Has The Experience And Expertise To Be One Of The Best Here ( at least As Far As I know ) The Experience Has Been Amazing
Mayur Naithani.
"Amdocs, Pune"
Dr. Puja is The Best Dentist I'm Not Scare When I Need To Visit Her! She Is Really Friendly & nice person to all patients. I will recommend her to all my friends. She understands her work, she is perfect. “Wish her everything best”...
Jana Kucekova.
"Czech Republic"
Dr. Puja Has Been The Best Dentist I Have Met so Far. She Has An Amazing Knowledge Of The Problems Of The Patients, she takes care, was surprise to see my report with her even after one year. She also makes the patient comfortable & understands the real problem. It’s nice knowing a good person.
Rajkumar Tharmar.
Dear Dr.Puja, thanks a lot for your work, Being patience With Me And Your kindness!
Wish You All Best..!!
Nadia Novakova.
It is Very soothing & satisfying Experience to get treated by you. This is From All 3 Of us.
Deepali .S .Boradia.
Very Nice, Sweet And Loving Doctor Beautiful explanations & clarifications. Excellent at dentistry THANK YOU...!!
Sarah khimjee.
A Very Systematic Doctors Who's Thoroughly Professional & Very Confident With her Work. Also A Very Soft Spoken, Kind, Friendly & Soothing Doctor. Who At Once Can Put
All Patients At Ease.
Khursheed Vakharia.
Very Professional Work & I am Absolutely content.
Ralf Mayer.
Very Nice & Friendly. Helpful With Others Issues also “Bless You”.
Maya Bhojwani.
Very Good & friendly Nature Doctor she Explains the Problem & How To Over Come That Very clearly.
Renuka Bejawar.
Puja Is Very Meticulous, Professional And takes care of her customers very well. She builds Confidence in patient By Explaining all finer details.
Manoj Bejawar.
Nice Professional & a Kind Lady. Doctor With Expert Dental Precision.
Vimal Anand.
"Owner of IT Intellect Resources"
Very Good Service
Volher Hoffmaan.
Over all Treatment Was very Good
Jagdish Pradhan.
"Exfo Electro Optical Engg."
Designation :- Team Leader
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